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Fanfiction Master List

 For Homestuck. Links will go to either the archive link on AO3 or the livejournal entry with the fic inside, and/or if relevant the link to its postage in homesmut . Just like a Kinder egg. I tend to post anonymously on the comm but de-anon here or on AO3, as I prefer being anonymous up until a later point of archival as I am shy or something. These are the fills I have de-anoned on.

lock it up and leave

original posting on homesmut
Warnings: very slight m/m (John/Karkat), character death, futurefic, eating disorder

"I would as a result like to request Karkat being the only troll left after the scratch, having a complete and total psychological breakdown, and John comforting him." Homesmut kinkmeme fill, though in the end, not kinky.

In which Karkat Vantas cancels life due to lack of interest, and John is left to pick up the pieces.

BONUS MATERIAL: an amazing FST by hapsburgs !


tears of pearls!!!!
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: this is stupid

absolutely not written by dave strider whod suggest that shit such calumny


case studies on moirallegiance
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: underage, m/f, f/f (Vriska/Kanaya, Equius/Nepeta, Feferi/Eridan), semi-explicit, unfinished

"Moirails aren't really the same thing as friends, so lets say it doesn't happen the same way as friendship. Pale romance is still romance, after all. When a troll finds the troll they want/believe is meant to be their moirail, they have to approach the situation the same as with any romance, if more platonically. Bonus2: Moirails consummate their relationship with sex. Just the one time, to establish the bond. It is totally normal and not a big deal."

Moirallegiance is the least understood of the conciliatory quadrants, but barely less dangerous than the kismesisstic. Investigation also shows that it is incredibly difficult to get right.


Lalonde's Inferno
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: pre-threesome, m/f/f (Kanaya/Eridan/Rose), futurefic, crossdressing, genderplay, explicit

Good girls go to heaven, but the bad girls dress up Mr. Ampora on Saturday nights. In which Rose knows she must be disturbed.


and I shall be dumped where the weed decays
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: underage, non-con, pedophilia, abuse, m/f (Dualscar/Feferi), semi-explicit

There is a reason why adult trolls should never be around their young. Orphaner Dualscar comes back from the dead and finds Feferi Peixes. In the end, there's very little Eridan Ampora can do.

BONUS MATERIAL: inspired works! laylah's rightful places and roachpatrol 's rust and stardust, both utterly fantastic


The Conscience Of Eurydice
Warnings: Lovecraftian, violence, alternate universe, pretentious references, unfinished

For now the Seer dwells in the unknown sea-deeps instead of fearing them, and from the Noble Circle of Horrorterrors there is no escape. Just not if Kanaya Maryam has anything to say about it.


How Karkat Vantas Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Con Air
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: City of Angels, very slight m/m if you squint (John/Karkat)

"John and Karkat rope each other into having an intense slumber party movie night. Popcorn, sleeping bags, the works."
The moment Karkat sees the sleeping bags, John sees him change his mind.

BONUS MATERIAL: awesome fanart; karkat by op and amazing requester grimarious , john and karkat by helyo, john and karkat by tyigra , littlefoot's mom is dead by schellibie , karkat and john by chickencourt 


Froth And Frogs
original posting on homestuck1000
Warnings: f/f (Jade/Kanaya)

As kissers go the Sylph of Space is A++++. Would kiss again.


Homeward Bound
Warnings: post-game, prequel in interminable AU universe

First We Take Manhattan awfulproject procrastination prologue: Mrs. Lalonde, Mr. Egbert and Bro Strider. I like writing self- indulgent pap when I should be writing other stuff. If you want notes on this alternate universe they're all under the Manhattan tag.


The Only Recipe For Lasagna You'll Ever Need
for meredyd and schellibie
Warnings: they use cheddar not parmesan and that's the punchline, m/m (John/Karkat)


Choose lasagna as good first meal for boy humans (1) and boy trolls (1) to show you can overcome this cooking thing. Feel impugned when Rose suggests you would both eat popcorn between two slices of bread and call it a day. Advise her you only did that the once.

BONUS MATERIAL: awesome fanart; the incomparable schellibie does john and karkat


Monsters Ascendant
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: how does I sonnet sequence, pretentious references, f/f (Rose/Kanaya)

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last/Slouches towards Skaia to be born?


if food be the music of love
original posting on homesmut
Warnings: m/f (Dave/Terezi) language (it's Dave), sizeist language

Three days later he tried her on Chicken Nuggets and fifteen packets of the barbecue sauce.


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